Advisory Board Meeting

Cardionetics Advisory Board

Cardionetics is delighted to report that Cardionetics Advisory Board met this month; what a talented and helpful group. Prof. John Camm of St George’s Hospital gave an outstanding overview of the current and future trends in AF with all the other board members scribbling down notes as fast as we could.

For the first time we welcomed a patient voice member to the board. Trudie Lobban MBE, chair of the Arrhythmia Alliance attended and briefed us on the patients’ views and attitudes to living with arrhythmias.

This is now going to become a major part of our work as we begin to engage with patients to hear their stories of using our monitors.

What do they want?

How did they feel?

I am hoping to attend the Heart Rhythm Congress patient day on Sunday 5th October so if you are there too perhaps we will meet.

We also heard presentations from GPs and Commissioners which I will talk about next time.

One thing is clear, with the demographic changes and the changes in health care provision we are seeing, the identification and treatment of AF will become increasingly important to us all.