Changes to the Electrode Gel

Changes to the electrode gel

As you will know at the end of last year we moved from wet gel electrodes to solid gel ones. Since then we have had reports from some of our Users that they have seen the error message “Check lead connections” more than usual. In rare cases this can mean that the lead is old and needs replacing.

However with the change in the gel it seems to relate more to the skin preparation technique being used. With the wet gel the electrodes were very forgiving of initial skin preparation but the solid, tacky gel, while it adheres better to the skin is much less forgiving. Below is a copy of the section from the user manual describing good skin preparation…just as a reminder.

Some of our Users have also suggested that asking the patients to place their hands on the red and green electrodes for 20s or so prior to the start of the test seems to help. Whether this is just applying a gentle pressure or heating the gel up we do not know but Users say it helps so we pass on this advice.

Any more hints from users will be gratefully received.

Please click here to see more information about “How to Use and look after Electrodes”