Attaching Test Reports to InPS Vision 3

How to Attach a Test Report

You can add C.Net5000 or C.Net2000+ test report attachments to a patient’s record and view them within Consultation Manager. The Attachments tab as part of the Patient Record is only available in the classic view, and cannot be selected in a Vision 3 view. Multimedia attachments are listed under Miscellaneous on the navigation pane.

1. Collect the C.Net5000 or C.Net2000+ test report using Cardionetics Connect as normal.

2. In Connect, fill in the patients details on the Heading page of the report.

3. Save the report, making note of the folder where the file is saved. (Connect saves test reports as Cardionetics Data Files, with the extension .car.)

4. Open InPS Vision 3 and ensure that the correct patient record is chosen in Consultation Manager.

5. From the Add menu, click on Attachments (or press Alt-A-M).

6. In the Type of Attachment box, select ECG.

7. Third Party Attachment is ticked by default. You can tick the Private box if needed.

8. Click on the paper clip icon or the Attach button if on a Vision 3 view.

9. The Select File to Attach dialog box will appear. In the Files of type box, change the setting to All Files (*.*).

10. Use the Look in box to locate the folder where the C.Net5000 test report is saved, then select the test report file you wish to attach and click Open.

11. On the Attachments – Update dialog box, you will now find that a tick will be displayed across the Attach icon Attach and the View icon View will be enabled.

12. In the Summary box, type details of the attachment, e.g., C.Net5000 Test Report.

13. You can click on the View icon to see the Cardionetics test report on-screen. Some files can be displayed directly in the browser, however, Cardionetics test report files cannot be displayed directly, and a File Download dialog box will appear. Select the option to open the file from its current location. This launches Connect and displays the test report.

14. Click the OK button on the Attachments – Update dialog box to complete the attachment and record the entry.

How to View an Attached Test Report

There are several ways to view a C.Net5000 or C.Net2000+ test report that is attached to a patient record:

1. Attachments can be filtered by pointing to the Miscellaneous icon on the Navigation pane, expanding then clicking on the Multimedia Attachments line, then clicking on the Attachments tab.

2. Select Attachments from the List menu to view the list of attachments for this patient. Right click on one, select Item View, and then the View icon on the Attachments – Display dialog box.

3. From either the History, Journal or Filtered tabs on a classic view, left click once on the attachment line then click on the Attachments tab.

4. From either the History, Journal or Filtered tabs, right click on the Attachment line, Item View, then the View icon

5. On a Vision 3 Framework view without a navigation pane, double click on the Attachment line (e.g., from the Journal tab), and then click on Item View icon.