Attaching Test Reports to Emis PCS

How to Attach a Test Report

1. Collect the C.Net5000 or C.Net2000+ test report using Connect as normal.

2. In Connect, fill in the patients details on the Heading page of the report.

3. Save the report. Make a careful note of the name and location of the folder where the file has been saved. You will need this information in order to locate the file when you attach it to Emis PCS.

Note: Connect saves test reports as Cardionetics Data Files, with the extension .car and the heart logo.

4. Open Emis PCS and go into MR (Medical Record).

5. Patient search will appear. Search and select the patient.

6. Once in the patient record, select A-Add and then select Attachment.

7. The Attachment window will appear.

8. To find the file that you want to attach, click on the browse button (the one with …) to the right of the File Name box.

9. The Select Attachment File dialog box will appear. In the Files of type box, change the setting to All Files.

10. Use the Look in box to locate and the folder where the test report is saved, then select the test report file you wish to attach and click Open.

11. In the Assign Date box in the Attachment window, type the date, or click Assign Date and use the calendar.

12. In the Description box, type a description of the attachment, e.g., C.Net5000 Test Report or Ambulatory/24 hour ECG assessment.

13. To assign a Read Code to the attachment, click the browse button to the right of the Read Code box, and then use the Read Code Browser to add a clinical term.

Note: If you do not assign a Read Code to the attachment, the default term EMISATTACHMENT is used.

14. Click the Attach button at the bottom of the Attachment window. This should take you back to the patient in Emis PCS.

How to View an Attached Test Report

After attaching a C.Net5000 or C.Net2000+ test report to a patient record, it is recommended that you view the attachment, in order to confirm that the report is correct and the patient details match.

Note: Cardionetics Connect report viewing software should be installed on the computer where you want to view the attachment.

1. With the patient’s record open in Emis PCS, from the main menu access Capture and Attachments by clicking on AT or typing AT on the keyboard.

2. From the list of attachments, double-click on the attachment to view, or right-click and select View Attachment.

3. Check that the correct report is displayed, and the patient details in Connect correspond to the patient record in Emis PCS.

4. To exit close the report.